I'd never seen a play when I wrote my first at age 5, titled The Day of the Blue Bonnets (I have NO idea what it was about). As an only child, I savored the opportunity to play with other children whenever they were around, and putting on a play was a way to unify and involve everyone. Growing up, I wrote, directed, and acted with any willing group of people I could find simply because I loved being around an engaged group of people having fun.

Nothing much has changed.


Water on the Moon

My love letter to music, side jobs, and New York in my 20s.


The Uninvited

A thriller about Ivy League sex workers and human trafficking.


Golden Hour

A drama about an Afghanistan veteran revisiting her high school sweetheart.



A comedy about women in business and outsourcing in the Philippines.


Noel Gallagher's Guitar

A comedy about an Arthurian boy band in Manchester, England.


The Romantic Movement

A comedy set in a high school band camp in rural Florida during the summer of 1967.


The Fiancé

A comedy about a woman who gets engaged to her neighbor at an NYC retirement home.


The Dogwatcher

A solo play about the inmates of a federal prison and the power of education.