A little about me

You read so many scripts every year, you could use them to build a cabin in the woods. (In fact, you wish you were at that cabin right now instead of facing the pile of scripts on your desk.)

You crave writing as distinctive as a Woodford Reserve on the rocks, but what’s passing your desk are scripts that read like a house vodka and soda (no lime).

In short, you need incredible content from writers with diverse backgrounds, and you needed it yesterday.

I’m Emily, and I write plays that belong in a boxing ring, films that pit a character against her landscape, and TV shows with neighborhoods you’ll want to move into.


I grew up in the woods of middle Georgia with 33 dogs and almost no running water. I’m currently based in New York City (where most days I have running water), and recently graduated from the Juilliard playwrights program taught by Marsha Norman and Chris Durang. I’ve also studied writing with Tanya Barfield, Keith Bunin, Dael Orlandersmith, Julian Sheppard, Rogelio Martinez, and Cusi Cram among many others.

My primary mission is to write roles that actors love to play, because if we're having fun, the audience probably will, too. I’ve been in over 20 writers groups in the past 10 years, and the joy of being around a table or in a rehearsal room with other artists putting work on its feet is why I write. 


Stop dreaming about your cabin, and click below for the Woodford Reserve you’ve been praying for - writing that tells complicated stories simply and elegantly with a cold surprise.

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