Water on the Moon

Bex runs a pirate radio station from her closet, but when her best friend (and best DJ) has the chance for a better life, her reality is shaken like the walls of her crumbling apartment. Her roommate, Jo-Jo, steals wedding cake ornaments by day and moonlights as a lesbian actress. This is what it feels like to be 28. A play about slumlords, music, friendship, and pistachios.

When I hit my Saturn Return, my entire life fell apart. I don't believe in astrology, but the Saturn Return is REAL. My apartment fell apart alongside my life, I was heartbroken, my friends were all leaving New York, and my writing teacher at the time said, "I know you hate plays about people in their 20s in New York, but please write about what you're going through right now." Indeed, writing the play is how I got through it.


3 women, 4 men


2007 in New York City


February 2018 - Production at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, directed by Jessi D. Hill

September 2011 - Playwrights Week at the Lark Play Development Center, directed by Dominic D'Andrea

July 2010 - Reading with Reverb Theatre Company, directed by Adam Knight

Photos from the 2018 production at the American Academy of Dramatic Art.

Director: Jessi D. Hill

Cast: Jane Logan, Finty Kelly, Juanes Montoya, Tom Chandler, Mia Christinis, Alastair Don, and Nico Piccardo.

I figure there are a lot of people who have early career success, like, put out one great album or write one great book and never do anything again. It can be paralyzing. So I’m just trying to avoid that kind of early career success. I’m shooting for, you know, mid to late career success.