The Uninvited

Mischa, a prostitute newly graduated from Yale, must wait in a hotel for her boss to come. As she waits for him to come, she seeks comfort and companionship in the woman who brings her breakfast and the man who brings her dinner. However, she's in greater danger than she realizes when an uninvited guest appears.

I became aware of the millions of women who are kidnapped and/or sold into sex work all over the world around the same time I learned of "empowered" sex workers, mostly white women, many of whom are still in college. I wanted to put these two women in a room together, the woman who sees sex work as an empowered choice and the woman who had absolutely no choice in the matter.

In the end, I have more questions than when I began. This play scares the shit out of me, because I can think of no topic more threatening than female sexuality. I get nervous about what people will think of me after they read it, but I've also had so many people come to me afterwards and say, "She reminds me of my daughter/sister/friend." Ultimately, it's a play about loneliness.


2 women, 3 men


South Beach, Miami. The present.


July 2017 - Reading at CAA, directed by Alex Sharp

June 2016 - Reading at Primary Stages

November 2015 - Roundtable at the Lark Play Development Center


Three months ago, I told him I wanted to skip winter. He said, “I own a hotel. You should live there.” And it sounded so great except I get down here and I don’t know anyone. And when he’s in town? I can’t even go to the pool. Can’t go to the beach, even though it’s part of the hotel. And it could be 3 days? 3 weeks? 3 months? I don’t know how long I have to sit in this room and wait.