When her boss outsources her job to the Philippines, Keira must train Efren, the Filipino man who's replacing her. As she searches for answers about the legitimacy of her replacement, she's forced to confront questions of her own value.

When my own day job was outsourced to a man in the Philippines, it shook the core of my entire life. I'd worked at this company for close to 10 years, and it was a company for women, run by women, that supposedly championed women. In addition to channeling my rage over this loss into something creative, I got curious about outsourcing as a growing practice, especially in white collar jobs. I was also gripped with compassion for the new workers my company had hired, since they weren't treated with the same respect (or compensation) as the Americans working there. I love office comedies as a genre, so I wanted to have fun with writing one while pouring my personal experience into a play. 


3 women, 2 men


New York City and Manila, Philippines


April 2015 - Workshop + Reading with the Terra Nova Groundbreakers Group, directed by Sam Buntrock


YOU are the one who is different. There are many millions of people on earth who live like me, but only a small handful who live like you. Being a white girl from America is not the standard from which everything else is different. It is the exception, not the rule.