Film hit me like a tin can falling out of the sky.

I'd been kicking around an idea for a play for a year or so but could never quite hear it in my head. I was watching the film Paris, Texas when I realized the reason I hadn't been able to make it into a play was because it was a film. The story was coming to me in images, not words. I've always had a strong visual side, making art and working as a graphic designer, so when I started writing films, the part of me that thinks in pictures over words suddenly came alive.

Now I use film to tell the stories of landscapes — woman vs. the world — and those human transactions that can only be told in a close-up.


Water on the Moon

A short film created from my play of the same name, directed by Phoebe Dunn.


Mrs. Arnold

A biopic about Peggy Shippen, the highest paid spy of the Revolutionary War at age 20.


The Uninvited

An adaptation of my play of the same name about an Ivy League prostitute trapped in a Miami hotel.


The Blue Album

A young girl must solve a mystery for her dead uncle in their small Georgia town.


The Good Time Girl

A young couple new to Austin, Texas both fall in love with a local stripper.