Water on the Moon (Film)

Bex runs a pirate radio station out of her closet. It's 3am and she can't sleep, so she broadcasts her thoughts (and a little night music) to the other insomniacs of the world.

When actress Phoebe Dunn (a classmate from Juilliard) approached me for a text to turn into a short film, I sent her Water on the Moon. She selected the play's opening monologue and both performed and directed it.

Screened at:

Manhattan Film Festival

California Women’s Festival

Adirondack Film Festival 


Best Comedy for Women’s Only Entertainment 


Best Film, ABS Best Writer, and Best Actress at the Silhouette Awards

Directed by and Starring: Phoebe Dunn

What did I do tonight? Where did the last seven hours go? I didn’t do anything. Nothing actually happened. Yet here we are, still awake, waiting for something to happen.