The Blue Album

A coming of age dramedy about 13-year-old Avery, whose dead uncle starts communicating with her through dreams. With the help of her best friend Jane, she sets out to investigate her uncle in their small Georgia town and decode his messages, learning family secrets, fracturing her relationship with her parents, and ending her childhood in the process.

I dreamt a lot about my uncle in the years after he died. One summer in particular, I had several dreams about him that were extremely vivid, and during that time, I'd been listening to Weezer's Blue Album on repeat in a wash of pre-teen nostalgia. What a fucking hard time of life. My uncle was one of the people I felt understood me most growing up since neither of us really fit in, so I wrote this to honor the spirit of our relationship and what it feels like to be an outcast in a small Southern town.


Mama says every church in town is nothing but a pack of snake- charming lunatics. Except First Methodist.