The Good Time Girl

When Renee and Rob move back to their hometown of Austin, Texas and both fall in love with Hadley, a pole dancer, they find themselves in a love triangle that forces them to deal with their relationship, sexual identity, and the meaning of family.

The first film I wrote. I had been seeing two women talking in my mind's eye, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Rather, I saw them get closer and farther away. I saw their arms brush. A love that brewed slowly like a glass of hibiscus tea. I'd also been taking pole dancing classes and wanted to pour something of that experience into my work and play with the difference between the way we traditionally view pole dancing, as something for the male gaze, and my experience which was one of the most empowering acts of my life. I'd also visited Austin, Texas for the first time and fell in love with its culture and people.

After a year of wondering why these elements weren't coming together naturally into a play, I saw the film Paris, Texas and realized - I'm not hearing this story. I'm seeing it in images. It's a film. I had no idea how to write a film, but I did it anyway, opening up a whole new side of my voice and vision.


It’s the only time I’m really myself. Like the rest of my life, I’m this made up person, but when I’m dancing? That’s who I really am. So when I’m too old to dance, am I ever going to be myself?