Growing up with only 3 channels, television seems like the least likely medium for me.

However, one day my long-time mentor Tanya Barfield said: "I've watched you make your ideas and worlds much smaller than they live in your head, and I'm curious what would happen if you didn't have to do that." Even in television, I have to make my worlds smaller than they exist in my head — but I've found enormous satisfaction in how much BIGGER they can be than in plays or films.

If plays are where characters can't leave a room and films are about people battling a landscape, then television is where I put the stories that come to me in worlds, populated by characters with bottomless stories.



Hour drama about a young hypnotherapist at a Georgia asylum in 1950.


Keep It Weird

Half-hour comedy about the unlikely friendship of an oil broker and a record store burnout.


Untitled Grand Jury Pilot

23 jurors = 23 episodes of network television. A half-hour comedic law procedural.