Untitled Grand Jury Pilot

There are 23 grand jurors and 23 episodes of network television. Each episode will focus on 1 case and 1 juror and how they’re connected. There will also be season-long story arcs about the group dynamic (dinner dates! lovers! pub crawls!) with a new group of jurors each season. Inspired by my grand jury service, where I learned about crime, drugs, NYC's secret Chinese police force, and the moral psychology of my fellow jurors.

Cab drivers in NYC say you're not a New Yorker until you've lived here 10 years. I'd argue that you're not a New Yorker until you've served on a jury. Grand jury gave me the equivalent of a month-long closeup of a typical subway car; people of vastly different backgrounds together in one room with a common goal.

I also got a front seat to 3-4 condensed versions of a case every day, and I realized, "Most crime shows are a whole hour. Why aren't there more 20-30 minute crime shows with less evidence?" Grand jury duty was also unbelievably funny, and I got to know a lot about my fellow jurors - not only their backgrounds and lives but their sense of right and wrong, why and how they make decisions.

Most TV shows I see set in New York don't remotely resemble the city I live in. It's time to make one.