Keep It Weird

When Marigold quits her fancy job at an oil company to work at a toy store, she moves in with her frenemy, Conwall, a burnout record store employee who’s finally decided to get his shit together. 

Co-written with Walker Hare.

Walker Hare has been a dear friend for about 10 years, and we've spent most of that time sitting around tables reading each other's writing. One night (after a few drinks), we decided to write a TV show together, since I can think of no one I'd rather show up and work with every day. We're incredibly different as people and as writers, yet we I bring order and he brings chaos. I help him take things seriously and he seriously lightens me up. So even though we don't live in Austin, I don't work in a toy shop, and Walker doesn't work in a record store, Marigold and Conwall are us. They also aren't us. I know, it's confusing. And weird. We plan on keeping it that way.


The point is, you can’t just ask someone, “Do you like Van Halen?” and expect a yes or no answer. Van Halen is not a band. Van Halen is at minimum, three different bands. Maybe more.